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? Why Need Website

Smiley   1.1 billion people out of 1.3 billion, uses mobile in india
Smiley   Among them 462 million has internet access
Smiley   Develop your business or expenditure
Smiley   Reach alot of people worldwide, in the same time
Smiley   Your small business will gain credibility instantly
Smiley  It will save You a lot of money, store, spaces etc
Smiley   Have Your own virtual store
Smiley   Your Business target a wider market
Smiley   Improves customer service
Smiley   Enjoy other things while Your online store is working for You
Smiley   Your business is accessisable 24X7
? Why Us

Smiley   Unique Ideas & Unique Web template
Smiley   24*7 Support
Smiley   Responsive Web Design
Smiley   Effective And SEO Friendly Web Design
Smiley   Market Research & Go To Strategy
Smiley   Increase Your Business Volume

Our Skills

  • Digital Marketing - SEO, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Web Page Ad, Bulk SMS & Mail

  • Increase your business volume - Market Research & Go to Strategy

  • Front-End Technologies - HTML5,CSS3, Bootstrap,jquery, Java Script

  • Back-End Technologies - Java , php , .NET(C#)

  • Mobile Applications- Objective C, Java, Framework7

  • Open Source- Wordpress

Our Services

Digital Marketing
Web Design
Apps Development
Graphic Design
Software Development
Industrial Training

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DiGi-X Technology
19/E/2, Harinath Sen Road
Dakhin Para , Barasat,
Kolkata - 700127.
Email id : info@digix.in
Cotact No. : 9093091491
Website : www.digix.in